About Us

Introducing the Automation Knowledge website is a channel for sharing diverse knowledge on topics related to electrical engineering, and automation.

The emergence of automation knowledge

During my time in mandatory police service

I had wanted to create a personal blog since I started working, but due to the busy schedule, I couldn’t manage it. Then in February 2020, I received the call to enlist, and after 3 arduous months at the military academy, I was assigned to a target protection unit. Here, with some free time on my hands, I saved up money from work to buy a laptop to continue pursuing the unfinished dream.

Surely, when we start learning about the field of automation, we encounter many difficulties. With a vast amount of knowledge to grasp, self-learning becomes a necessary skill. And that is also a significant challenge in finding relevant resources. Therefore, I hope to provide everyone with valuable knowledge in a new presentation style.

Writing to remember knowledge

The time in mandatory service is neither short nor overly long. I feared that after my service, I would forget the knowledge I had learned and practiced. The only suitable path for me is to read and write. But how to retain knowledge, as well as share my passion with others? I decided to write a blog…

The number of books I bought during the 3 months at the military academy
The number of books I bought during the 3 months at the military academy

A few lines about fulfilling civic duty

I see many people asking if they have to fulfill civic duty after graduating from university. If so, will their knowledge decay? Allow me to answer:

+ After graduating, if you’re under 27 years old, you must fulfill civic duty.

+ Knowledge not used for a long time will surely be forgotten. But I chose to fulfill civic duty without evasion. Because I know that whatever you do, as long as you put your mind to it, nothing is in vain. I’ve learned a lot from this long journey, whether time is wasted or not depends entirely on you. Now I feel very fortunate to have a website where I can write about my passions.

I hope that after sincere sharing, you will have a different attitude towards civic duty. Don’t lament or complain, live positively, work diligently, give, and you will receive. I really like the lyrics “Don’t ask what the country has done for us, but what have we done for the country today”.

The core value of automation knowledge

Sincere sharing: In life, when you give, you receive more than you think. The website will be a place to sincerely share useful values. It will also be a place to listen to questions and provide answers to readers’ inquiries.